Ever thought of hiring a STORYTELLER for your next event?

A yellow square with the following text in black. "Christine is a natural storyteller. Her stories are interactive and imaginative, as well as animated! The kids love it when she comes to visit the class and they become engaged in the magic of story creation and storytelling. She is incredibly patient and inclusive with her audience, not to mention hilarious! The students are focused the entire time and they participate well with her contagious enthusiasm. Each performance has been a wonderfully enjoyable and positive experience. It’s great way to exercise the imaginations of us all! - Shaina Victory, Grade 5 Teacher"

How many times have you used a story to build connections or to illustrate a point?

I do it all the time, personally and professionally!

Stories are what connect us all and help us understand the world around us.

My stories are centered around building a shared understanding in an entertaining way.

They are great for people of all ages and they bring a sense of unity and fun to any event.
A red square with white text that reads "Christine is one of my go-to resources for my classroom and for Beaver Scouts. Every time that she joins me in class or at a meeting, she draws the kids in, entertains them, and helps them understand how stories work. They get really excited and they always want to hear more stories or to learn to tell their own. Janet Kent, Primary Teacher and Beaver Scout Leader"
Most of my stories are myths and folktales, but I also branch out into personal stories, mysteries and spooky stories for kids. I can easily find a story that helps emphasize the mood and message you want to share.

My acting background means I bring a certain drama to every tale and I fully enjoy sharing them.

I have told stories in living rooms, in classrooms, and in huge performance spaces, and I have enjoyed every one.

I’d be happy to entertain your group or organization with stories that relate to your mandate, and to explain how the lessons of a given story connect to your work.

Cost: My rates range depending on the timing, complexity, and preparation required for an event but the standard rate set by the Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs de Canada is $250/hr for a solo performance.