Mystery Games

If you’ve been listening to all the true crime podcasts, reading all kinds of mystery novels, and watching every detective show you can find, I’ve got a fun idea for you:

In addition to my other creative endeavours, I also write mystery games for groups of all ages and all sizes.

You can choose to have me create a custom mystery for your group, you can ‘recycle’ one of my existing games, or you can hire actors from Morrigan Mystery Evenings to come perform the clues for you so everyone in your group can play detective without having to act out a role.

Prices depend on the size of your group, how much customization is required, and whether or not you need actors to perform.

If you want to book us for a fundraiser, please get in touch – we can probably figure out something that works for both your organization and our actors.

Please contact me at for more information or check in via Morrigan’s Facebook page.