My workshops might be quirky and they may get you to think differently about the creative process but they will never EVER be boring!

Here are a few recent favourites but I can create or customize a workshop about writing, storytelling, self-care, or creativity to meet your needs.

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Personal Development Workshops

Stop Thinking & Write

If you would *like* to write but you are having trouble getting around to it or if you worry about not being ‘good enough’ to write, I’d like to help you get past those obstacles and bring your ideas to life. I’ll walk you through some common writerly frustrations and help you identify the things that are in your way. I’ll help you feel good about your ideas and find some realistic solutions for finding writing time in your week. And I will boss you into being kind to yourself about the whole thing.

Create a Self-Care Guidebook

Everyone is artistic enough for this fun class! Through examples and questions, I will lead you through the process of creating a personal guidebook to your own care. Every participant will take home a booklet of their own design, full of personalized ideas to help them feel a little better.

Getting Started With Stories

Interested in storytelling but not sure where to get started? Join me for this workshop that will guide you through the storytelling process and show you the story skills you already have…and how to build on them!

Everyday Creativity

Creativity isn’t the fancy china and it doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion or for when you have lots of time. In this workshop, I guide you through a series of small creativity exercises that will add a little more fun to your everyday life – no artistic skill required!

Professional Development Workshops

The (short) Story of You: Creating Artist Bios With Ease

If you struggle with writing bios, you aren’t alone. Even the most prolific writers, performers, and artists find it challenging to talk about themselves and their work in a succinct and effective way.

The challenge of writing a bio isn’t about your abilities or your confidence level. You probably don’t need an ego boost, you just need a process.

In this workshop, I’ll lead you through a painless, repeatable process that guides you past some common writing obstacles, helps you to identify the most applicable details from your life/work, and then enables you to develop a solid first draft of an engaging and effective bio statement for your next grant application or public event.

Empathy and Engagement: Creating Connection Through Storytelling

Enhance connection and community in your workplace by embracing the power of story to build empathy and understanding among your employees. In this workshop, I’ll empower your staff to use the tools of storytelling to create a cohesive and caring workplace where everyone feels valued. This workshop was developed as part of, and is offered through, the Business and Arts NL Creative Edge program.

Sharing YOUR Story: Borrow Storytelling Techniques to Find Ease in Presentations

Storytelling and presentations require a lot of the same skills yet we feel far more comfortable telling a story than giving a presentation. In this workshop, I’ll show you how to use storytelling to find more ease with the presentation process.