Storyteller For Hire

Stories engage people’s emotions, create empathy, and give listeners a relatable, memorable and bite-sized explanation of complex ideas.

And when the storyteller gets INTO a story like I am below, it can leave us looking kind of goofy…but we’re used to that.

A white woman in a dark, flower-patterned dress stands on the grass in front of a wooden structure. She has her right arm extended out to the right and her left arm is aloft and bent slightly.
Telling stories is a full-body experience for me.

My stories and storytelling practices can:

  • entertain a crowd
  • build audience empathy and unity
  • connect your listeners to your organization’s purpose
  • provide important information in a memorable way
  • teach your employees or students how to employ stories in their work

I share stories in classrooms, in meetings, on stage, in small groups and on Zoom.

My style is fairly informal and very accessible, inviting my audience to feel like an active part of the story process – but I never pressure anyone to actively participate. My stories include myths, family stories, folk tales and stuff I made up, and my topics range from the story of Sekhmet, an avenging Egyptian goddess, to the story of the time that my Dad tricked my uncle out of a hotdog. I can apply any of these tales in service of a particular message – I recently used a myth about magical hair to help some elementary school students understand the importance of self-care during the pandemic- or they can serve as relaxing entertainment.

Some sample stories for you to enjoy:

Storyteller Christine Hennebury tells a modified folktale about a siren named Lorelei.
Storyteller Christine Hennebury tells a modified folktale about two young girls and the cost of impatience.

Watch my performance at the 2021 ARTFUSiON Festival on Facebook

If you’d to talk about how I can put my stories to work for you, contact me at christine(@) (remove the internal brackets) and we can begin our narrative adventure!