Storyteller For Hire

Stories engage people’s emotions and give them a bite-sized explanation of complex ideas.

Whether you want to entertain your group or connect your audience to your organization’s purpose, this storyteller can help!

My storytelling career began at age 3 when I earnestly explained to my parents, while holding an empty bottle, that I had not spilled my bubbles on the couch. Understandably, they didn’t believe that the wet couch was the result of water shooting out of their daughter’s nose but I firmly believe that my stories have become more convincing since then.

I like to tell a huge variety of stories, including myths, family stories, folk tales and stuff I made up, and my topics range from the story of Sekhmet, an avenging Egyptian goddess, to the story of the time that my Dad tricked my uncle out of a hotdog.

If you’d like me to put my stories to work for you, contact me at christine(@) (remove the internal brackets) and we can begin our narrative adventure!