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Reminder: Relaxing Creativity: April 24

Monday, April 24
The Annex in Mount Pearl
Cost: $15
(free scholarship places available – just ask for one!)

I’m calling this a workshop but really we’re going to be playing around with the creative process and finding ways to relax.

I’ve got a few teeny projects for you to try and I’m hoping you’ll be willing to be awful at each of them.

Yes, I am encouraging you to be bad at art.


Because this workshop is about the process, not about the results.

We’re not trying to create a beautiful piece of art, we’re going to play with paint or paper or words and just find some ease for a few minutes.

Picture a little kid lying on their stomach, tongue stuck out of the corner of their mouth as they concentrate, scrawling away at a piece of paper with a crayon – that’s the kind of feeling we’re going for.

You don’t have to be GOOD, you just have to BE.

Bonus points if you make a mess of things.

All supplies will be provided and no one will be put on the spot at any point about anything.

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PS – There’ll be an online version of this workshop coming in May. Add your information to the form above and I’ll send you more info when the online date is confirmed.

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