storytelling dice, index cards, and pens resting on a patterned scarf

“And Then What?” Upcoming Workshop

I’m leading a workshop for Storytelling St. John’s on Saturday, June 11 at 1pm at Gower Street United Church in St. John’s, NL and I would love for you to be there.

The workshop is free but the SJS is accepting food bank donations and/or monetary donations for the people of Ukraine.

What’s my workshop about? I’m so glad I’m pretending you asked!

And Then What? Creating Stories From Scratch

Does your storytelling need an energy boost?

Join me for ‘And Then What?’ as we borrow some improvisation energy and use prompts, dice, and cards to make up stories as we go.

storytelling dice, index cards, and pens resting on a patterned scarf
Just some of the fun tools we’ll be using in the workshop. Image description: two sets of story dice, one white with black images and one wooden with black or red images, and index cards and pens, resting on my storytelling scarf – a black scarf patterned with gold peacocks and elephants. The boxes for the dice are pictured above, one is an orange box that reads ‘Rory’s Story Cubes’ and the other is a red and yellow box that reads ‘Magic and Fairy-Tale Dice.’

Using these tools will put you in touch with the essential elements that make a story ‘work’ for you and help you to rediscover your excitement for storytelling. 

The main goal of this workshop is to have fun making things up but everyone who attends will leave with all kinds of energy and ideas for their next performance. 

Register via email at

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