World Kindness Day? Oh, hell yeah!

The Main Stuff

I’m all about kindness. (1)

I coach kindness, I encourage kindness, and I try to live in kindness.

And I am thrilled that there is such a thing as World Kindness Day. (2)

A background of child-like drawings of a rainbow, star, and heart, with a large orange cloud.  A photo of  children's TV star Fred Rogers is in the lower right, he is leaning on a red toy trolley.  The orange cloud contains the following quote "There are three ways to ultimate success. The first was is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind." - Mr. Rogers.
Agreed, good sir. image source:

I love the idea of a focus on the compassion we can have for ourselves and for others and I think that having a day for that kind of lets our brains accept it a little more. Especially when it comes to self-kindness. (3)

I don’t think we get much done by being hard on ourselves (or hard on others.) Kindness, compassion, and understanding. Learning how our brains work best and working within that. Those are the ways to get things done and make a difference.

I think a lot of us worry about letting ourselves or others ‘off the hook’ (4) if we don’t enforce a strict discipline.

I reject the idea that we are all inherently lazy and most likely to do things wrong. I think that’s ridiculous.

Most of us, most of the time, are just doing our best in challenging situations. The more compassion we can have for that, the more kindness we can show, the more we can encourage the development of environments in which we can thrive, the better we will all be.

Perhaps World Kindness Day is a good time to consider trusting ourselves and others to to

I wonder what would happen if we decided to focus on creating better conditions for us all to thrive in, instead of expecting everyone to be hard on themselves and exhibit impossible levels of ‘self-discipline.’

Give it a try.

Just for today.

I’ll bet you’ll like it.

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Asides and Extras

(1)Kindness really is my main operating system.

(2) Yes, I agree that we should be kind every day but sometimes kindness gets lost. Having a reminder day is a good thing.

(3) It’s really interesting how often people object to the idea of being kind to themselves. We have really ingrained the idea that ‘tough love’ is the only way to get things done. It isn’t.

(4) I hate that phrase. Why would we ever want to be on a hook?

(5) No, I’m not saying we NEVER need self-discipline but I am saying that we never need to be mean to ourselves to get things done.

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