I am available to teach workshops (single event) or classes (multiple events) on the following topics. I *can* develop workshops on other related topics but there will be an additional fee for my research/development time.

My fee for a group workshop is generally $250/hour but I make exceptions for Guiding/Scouting groups and for organizations that serve marginalized populations.

Creativity Classes & Workshops

Making Stuff Up – Getting Comfortable With Your Creativity

Inching Forward – Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Making A Mess – Creativity Is Not Tidy

Creating A Habit – How To Find A Groove For Creating

Creative Kids


Writing Classes & Workshops

Stop Thinking And WRITE

Experiments With Outlining

Brainstorming Like A Champ

Creating A Journalling Habit

Fun Writing For Kids



Storytelling Classes & Workshops

Lessons From Writing – How To ‘Show’ What You’re Telling

Where To Start With Storytelling

Connecting With YOUR Stories

Telling your Business Story/Telling your Organization Story

Fun Storytelling for Kids