August Story Fun

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I’ve got some cool stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks!

In addition to the events in the image, I will also be at the St. John’s Storytelling Storytelling Circle on Tuesday, August 8 at The Crows’ Nest where Stella Mair Evans is hosting an evening of stories AND I’ll be in the 1920s themed mystery game ‘Bad Company’ at The Annex on Thursday, August 10.

And as a bonus, there will be FREE pizza from Panago at both Arts in the Park (Monday) and at the mystery game (Thursday).

Here’s some more info about my storytelling classes:

August 8 @ 2pm-3:30pm – Kids Storytelling Class (Ages 8+)

Kids will start with a few pictures and learn to tell a story from memory by putting their own spin on an old tale in this free class with Storyteller Christine Hennebury.

August 15 @ 10:30-12 – Introduction to Storytelling (Adults)

Are you curious about storytelling but you aren’t sure how to get started?

Join storyteller Christine Hennebury for this introductory class and she’ll share some ideas, tips, and practices that will help you take that curiosity to the next step. No previous experience necessary!

Flash Fiction – Secrets Series

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I’m writing a series of flash fiction pieces on the theme of ‘Secrets’.

Today’s story came from the idea of someone having a secret getaway that was not even remotely illicit. 🙂

I have some more work to do on this story but I thought I’d share it all the same. 🙂

Wondering About Coaching?

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A gold-coloured star-shaped Christmas decoration on a white background.

If you have been feeling a bit lost, a bit ‘out of phase’ or a bit disconnected lately, a coaching session could be just the thing to help set you to rights. I offer empathy, understanding, recognition of your efforts (including gold stars!), collaboration on some ideas for changes and ways to move forward, and guidance on how to revise your inner monologue so it serves you better.

What I WON’T offer is judgement, snappiness, irritation at your approach, or opportunities for you to be mean to yourself. There’s already a ridiculous social story that we all need to buck up and buckle down, that all of our problems are a lack of ‘discipline.’  I think that’s a load of crap. My approach is to help you find a way to talk to yourself that gives you the freedom to change your approaches without being hard on yourself in the meantime.

Basically, I think that most of us give ourselves way too hard a time and when we combine that with the ‘not-enough’ messages of the world around us, we end up feeling kind of stuck. And that’s no fun.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with you (or me).  I think that some of our systems aren’t working properly, that we could be more effective in our own lives, that things could be easier and more fun.

I like to use story, empathy, creativity, and kindness to help us find our way to a gentler sort of self-talk.

So, that’s a short description of my philosophy, here are some of the steps we go through in a session:

  1. Whining – Sometimes we do this in advance by email but this is where you let it all out, tell me the things that are frustrating you, the things that you want to tweak. The only rules here are: a) you can’t be mean to yourself, you have to present the info as facts not ‘failures’ b) you can’t worry about giving other people’s perspectives. This isn’t a point where we are trying to be ‘fair’ this is when we’re just getting all the info as YOU experience it out into the open.
  2. Full-On Empathy – This is the point where I tell you all the reasons that your frustrations make sense, the ways they relate to ways other people are experiencing their lives, and the way they contribute to an inner story that is making it hard for you to let them go. There’s no blaming here, there’s just understanding for how you got
  3. Identifying the First Step – Everyone’s lives are complex, and there is never just one thing bothering anyone BUT there is usually one recurring theme or overarching issue that we can work on first. We’ll get to the other things but we can really only do one thing at time and we have to start somewhere!
  4. Strategizing – This is where we look at the things you want to tweak and ways you can tweak them. I am all about finding ways for you to feel okay with making changes and figuring out how to feel better and more effective in your own life.
  5. The Plan –  What’s our plan for moving on from this spot? Do you need to do certain things every day? every week? Do you need digital or paper tools? Do you need resources?
  6. Accountability – What do you need from me from here on in? Do you need to check in with me daily? weekly? monthly? Or do you feel like this one session was enough for now?

An actual session is a lot more detailed, of course, and, it changes depending on the nature of your challenges, but that’s the basic outline I follow.

Not so scary or weird, hey?

Well, it can be a little unnerving to stop blaming yourself for things but it feels good once you try it.

I hope you feel good today. <3




Wednesday Writing Prompt

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Why Wednesday?

Because I like alliteration. 🙂

I’m writing at The Annex* this morning so I’m going to use a photo prompt from just outside the door.

Where is this path leading? Why is it so carefully cleared? What happens to your brain when there’s this much snow?







*A brand new building belonging to AAMP and Admiralty House Museum. Shout out to the City of Mount Pearl for supporting Arts & Heritage!

Being Restponsible*

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There’s something I need you to know.

I wrote this as a reminder to myself a little while back. Focus on rest when you can, my friends. It's hard but it's worth it.

I wrote this as a reminder to myself a little while back.
Focus on rest when you can, my friends. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

When you’re tired you need rest.

Not just sleep, but times when you are awake but not working, when you are actively restoring yourself.

It’s not ‘being lazy.’ It’s being responsible for your own well-being.

Needing to rest is like needing to breathe – it’s a fact of life.

Humans are meant to work, play, and rest in cycles. We aren’t meant to push ourselves until we collapse.

I understand that you HAVE to do so very many things but whenever you can create/take the opportunity to rest, I’m hoping that you will take it. Guilt-free.

If anyone gives you any crap about it, send them to me.

*Restponsible is a word coined by my fellow word-warrior Michel Daw. I’m honoured that he let me borrow it. Thanks, Michel!


Your Monday Dare

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On Mondays, I dare you to do something kind for yourself.

This week’s dare?

I DARE you to spend a few minutes resting.

Even if you can only give yourself TWO minutes, throw yourself into those minutes with abandon. Let the world spin without you while you let go of the reins.

Bonus points if you lie down.

Double bonus points if you do this a few days in a row.

If you like, you can tell me about your successes below. 🙂


Stop Thinking and Write – Online Class Starts MONDAY!

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I’m really excited to be offering this online class starting Monday, January 16.  A lot of people I talk to  have the desire to write but they have so many thoughts in the way that they can’t get words on paper.

Stop Thinking and Write is designed to help you get past that!

Stop Thinking and Write 15965990_1247779648649588_7990853892112313809_n(January 16-February 13)

Have you been reluctant to start writing?

Are you overthinking the process?

Would you like to channel all that mental energy into your writing instead?

Join me for Stop Thinking and Write and you’ll

– find the fun in your writing process
– feel energized by your own creativity
– let go of unhelpful mental ‘clutter’

Stop Thinking and Write includes four video classes plus activities and exercises posted in a private FB group. This class is suitable for writers of all styles and experience.

Classes and exercises can also be made available via email.

Cost: $50

Register by emailing