Need a Coach?

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If you are mostly happy but a bit dissatisfied with the way things are going, the problem isn't you.

You're probably just stuck in an old internal story.

I can help you tell yourself a kinder one.

And I'll give you a gold star for your efforts.

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Need a Writer?

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I write all kinds of things, from fiction to business plans to self-help articles to ghost writing. If you need someone to boss words around on your behalf, click on my keyboard above to find out more about what I do.

You can also read my non-fiction at:
Smartmouth Mombie
Fit is a Feminist Issue
10 Minute Novelists

Need A Storyteller?

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I can tell you a story about almost anything from an Egyptian goddess to a ball of cookie dough.

Whether your event needs a point emphasized or a crowd entertained, I'm on the case.

PS - I also lead storytelling workshops!

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Looking for My Fiction? Click on my cover below!

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Story Power

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Whether we are listening, reading, sharing or explaining, stories connect us and help us to understand.

I can help you find the stories that work best for you. 

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The Story I'm Telling (a.k.a. my blog)

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I need these reminders, too. It's not just you. <3

A little coaching, a little writing, some links to recent articles, plus occasional flash fiction. I'll also update you on impending courses and workshops. Click my 'Work Rules' to read about my shenanigans.