photo(3)I have over 20 years of professional experience with writing non-fiction and I would be happy to put my skills to work for you.

I have some highlights of my writing experience listed below but I would be open to doing other types of projects. Please contact me and we can talk about it.



I am currently a featured writer for 10 Minute Novelists and Fit is a Feminist Issue, and I post regularly on my personal blog Smartmouth Mombie and here at I have also done numerous guest posts on a variety of other blogs.


In the past, I have written articles for The Telegram (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador) and other publications. (I took a brief hiatus from this type of writing while I worked with a client on a long-term project but now that that project is complete, I will resume writing for weekly/monthly publications.)

Ghost Writing

I do ghost writing for businesses, organizations, and for individuals. I obviously can’t share links to that writing but I will happily generate a sample for you as needed.  For businesses and organizations, I can do grant writing, reports, letters, social media content,  and speeches, for individuals, I can do all of those things *plus* I can write ‘scripts’ for difficult conversations and help you to shape your words to present at important occasions like weddings and parties.

Business Writing & Social Media Content

I produce ad copy, web content, and other materials for local non-profits and businesses and I will do specific or bulk content* for social media. I can provide samples of previous work upon request.

Grant Writing 

I am an experienced grant writer and I can help your organization tell its story in a way that shows a clear connection between the mandate of the granting institution and the mandate of your group.       I can provide samples of previous work upon request.


*An example of bulk content would be a set fee for me providing a company with 10 posts with links about small business planning, 10 posts with links about the importance of insurance, and 10 posts with links about the benefits of networking.