An orange square with the following text in black - 'Christine Hennebury is my go-to dame of reframe. If (okay, when) I get myself stuck or overwhelmed by work, or projects, or home-things (you know, Life), I can count on Christine to help me walk through my thoughts and look at them from a different angle. She has this way of getting you into a calm space in your head and then pulling out what needs to come out. And she does it while gently nudging you to be kinder to you. I always feel lighter and back to myself when she and I are done talking. - Nat Hallett, EngineerI’m wondering…

Do you find yourself yearning to write or draw or dance but you can’t seem to get out of your own way to actually do it?

Or do you start a bunch of projects and then get bogged down in details that keep you from finishing them?

Maybe you feel a little bit afraid to indulge your creativity and you don’t know how to get around that fear?

I have lots of practice helping people with the things that stand between them and the work they want to do.

With a combination of A green square with the following text in black - "Christine's enthusiasm is contagious. Over years of working with her, she’s helped me to develop a realistic perspective on my creative process.   I used to think successful writing was a matter of sitting around and waiting for the muse to visit, but Christine helped me to realize that my muse will never show up if I don’t.   Now, I sit down to write every day with the knowledge that exercising a consistent writing ethic is the only way to turn on that creative faucet.   Christine’s methods are excellent, and her clients’ creative output is a testament to that – not to mention her own considerable output! - Scott Bartlett, Novelist'brainstorming, scheduling experiments, and friendly compassion, I can help you find your way around any of those issues.

We’ll figure out the thought patterns that keep you from your art, your work, or your artwork and we’ll create new internal stories to help support your creative and work practices.

Want to know a bit about how this can work?  This blog post will help.

Wondering about that ‘internal stories’ bit?
I firmly believe that our perception about how we (and the world) *should* be creates a lot of tension. When we notice and work to change that story, things get easier.

Self-Kindness, Encouragement & Re-story-fying

Here are some of the sessions I am currently offering in person, via Skype & phone.

Need something a little different? We can develop something, or I’ll help you find someone to help.

Initial Consult –  30m (free)

We meet on Skype and chat about what’s going on and how you would like me to help.I’ll remind you that you have a lot on your plate and that you are not the problem.

This might be enough for you to start feeling better, and that’s cool by me.

Flash Coaching$33

Have you got something you are trying to untangle in your brain and you just can’t make it work? An issue that your brain just won’t let you put to rest?

My clients have had great success with gaining peace of mind from my ‘Flash Coaching’ sessions. Based on a combination of ‘flash’ fiction (supershort stories) and free writing, I take the issue you have presented and I do some timed writing exercises to see what connections and new paths I can uncover for you. Between my storytelling brain and my creativity and personal development reading, I come up with all sorts of new ways to look at the issue and help point you in the direction of peace of mind.

Changing Your Story – $60 for one session or $150 for three

We meet on Skype and take the info from your consult to the next level –  figuring out which of your internal stories are working for you and which ones need some tweaking or reframing. Then we work out some plans that are kind to you while nudging you where you want to go. If needed, subsequent sessions provide accountability, tweaks and new plans.

Accountability Emails – $100 monthly

You send me daily or weekly emails while you progress with your plans. I reply with support and encouragement. It helps.

Group Seminars

Is your event in need of a grounded presentation about storytelling, writing, goal-setting, communication, visualization, reframing or re-energizing? Do you need help brainstorming?

Contact me with your ideas, I’ll share mine, and we’ll find the perfect combination for me to present to your group.

Fees depend on number of participants and length of session but assume $250 per hour minimum. Exceptions will be made for Guiding/Scouting groups and organizations that serve marginalized populations.

Please follow my coaching page on Facebook for tips and ideas about how to be kinder to yourself and have a bit more fun.