My Storywork

A Glimpse into The Heart of the Story (a.k.a My Blog)

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My blog offers a little coaching, a little writing, some links to recent articles, plus occasional flash fiction and artwork.

I'll also update you on upcoming courses and workshops and challenge you to experiment with your own creativity.

I also blog frequently at 10 Minute Novelists, at Fit is a Feminist Issue. More interested in my fiction? Click here.

Story Power

Christine Hennebury, a white woman with light brown hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a beige sweater and a green scarf. She is smiling.The world is made up of stories of all kinds that connect us and help us to understand ourselves and the world around us.

Whether you need help with the stories you are telling yourself or the ideas you want to share with the world, I can help.

Click here to get my story power working for you.


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You know the kinds of things that you want to say, the messages and stories that you want to share, but either you can't find the time or the words to say them. I can help you shape your ideas into articles, blog posts, business plans, website copy, brochures, whatever you might need.

 If you need someone to boss words around on your behalf, click here so we can figure out the details.


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It's not just you, we all struggle with our work from time to time.

And you are definitely not the problem - you've probably got some stories and systems accidentally working against you.

I'd love to help you shape those stories and systems so they serve you better.

Let's talk about how we can work together.


Christine, a white woman with short light brown hair, wearing sunglasses and a flowered dress with a black background, is outdoors telling a story. She is standing and her arms are outstretched.

Stories are an excellent way to entertain a crowd, to share ideas, and to make important points of all kinds.

I can tell you a story about almost anything from an Egyptian goddess to a ball of cookie dough and I'd be happy to help you make your event a success.

PS - I can also help you learn to tell your stories in an effective and entertaining way.

Let's get this story started.