MAYbe I’ll start here.

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I have so many things I meant to do and so many things I meant to say here and there and everywhere but suddenly it is May and all kinds of things have been left undone.

It’s not ‘just’ the pandemic, it’s been all kinds of things, and I wasn’t sure how to start so I didn’t start but what I could have done was take my own advice.

When my coaching clients tell me that they don’t know where to start, I tell them that that means they can start anywhere.

So, I am starting right here with some newsy stuff.

I was on Trudy Morgan-Cole’s podcast ‘Shelf Esteem‘ with our friends this week and it was big fun. Click the podcast title and have listen.

My article about how to channel your inner Homer Simpson (instead of your inner Shakespeare) was on CBC NL’s website.

I am doing Story-A-Day May this year. It’s Julie’s 10th anniversary year! Go Julie!

I am also challenging myself (once again) to create MAYbe 20 Monsters in May. You can follow me on Instagram to see all of my monsters but here’s the very first one. You can also feel free to join me in drawing monsters. Just use the hashtag #MAYbe20Monsters

Image shows a yellow-green rectangular monster with bumps on the top of its head. It has four eyes and four tentacles. It is looking to the right.

I wish you ease and I wish you self-kindness.

PS – If you don’t know where to start, start anywhere. You will figure it out.