Stop Thinking & Write Workshop

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a white circle against a multi-coloured background. The text in the circle reads 'Stop Thinking & Write  a workshop and coaching to help you get your words on paper. Sunday, February 23 in person 33, Saturday, February 29 online $26

Do you wish you could stop THINKING and just get some writing done?

If you’re reading this, you probably want to start writing.

Or maybe you want to get back to some writing you have already started.

Or, perhaps you feel a bit stuck, or you think you have no ideas, or you are afraid your writing won’t be any good.

Maybe your brain is full of thoughts that feature the word SHOULD.*

Would you be surprised to learn that most, if not all, writers feel all of those things sometimes?

Whether you have never written a word or you are stuck on the last chapter of your epic novel, there are a lot of reasons why you might be struggling with your writing.

If you have been struggling and not making any progress, it’s time to take some action.

And I would like to help.

In ‘Stop Thinking and Write,’ I combine a writing class and a creativity coaching session to help kind to yourself while you find some ease around the writing process.

This is not a boot camp, it’s not write-or-else, and it’s not ‘you must get published now.’

Instead, we will talk our way through some common writing challenges and how we can gently ease past them.

We’ll find ways to address the obstacles that end up between us and our writing.

And, we’ll find the easiest, kindest, most straightforward way for you to get your ideas on paper.

I’m not going to tell you to write every day. I’m not going make you read your writing aloud.

(I will invite you to try some writing exercises but I won’t make you do them!)

The writers who attend my Stop Thinking and Write workshops leave energized and hopeful, with a plan about how they can keep writing and keep being kind to themselves.

If that sounds good to you, please join me in the upcoming sessions:

In Person: Sunday, February 23 from 1-4PM – $33 CDN

Online: Saturday, February 29 1-2:30PM, (Newfoundland Time) – $26 CDN

To register, please fill out this form and email/Paypal your registration fee to

PS – The shape of this course is very responsive to the needs of the participants so it changes every time. If you took this course ages ago but you need a little writing self-kindness booster shot, I guarantee that you’ll get something new out of it this time.

*Blech! I hate that word!

Writing can be the easiest or the trickiest thing in the world – it all depends on how our brains are approaching the task.

If we get all caught up