Everyday Creativity Course

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A pineapple decorated with sunglasses sits in front of a yellow background.  Text on the left reads 'Everyday Creativity, a no pressure creativity practice. February 29-April 1, 2020. A green circle contains the text '$29'

Creative people have more fun.

Creative people are good problem-solvers.

Creative people see the world in a different way.

And, good news, YOU are a creative person.

Whether you make art every day, you wish you were making more art, or even if you don’t feel all that creative but you wish you were, I have some fun planned for us in the weeks ahead.

My Everyday Creativity course is a series of daily suggestions for ways to experience the world in a more creative way, taking tiny steps to have a bit more fun.

These practices won’t be huge and they won’t take you a lot of time. I don’t even expect you to do every practice and I don’t expect you to show up every day.

But, on every day that you practice, you will be creating a little bit of extra space for yourself in your own life.

And, I really hope you can find time for that regularly.

You can do this course in two ways – I can send you daily emails with your prompts or you can join our Everyday Creativity Facebook group and I will post the prompt there.*

Either way, we can chat about what you are doing and I will give you a gold star for every time you try a prompt. (Notice, I didn’t say ‘complete’ a prompt – effort counts more than results with me)

Over the 33 days, you will begin to expand your ideas around creativity and make a habit of noticing interesting things in the world around you.

At the end of this course, you will have lowered your bar for success with creativity and found more fun in the process.

Everyday Creativity will run from February 29-April 1 and the cost is $29 CDN.

If you are interested in working with me to expand your creative practice, please click here to fill out the registration form and you can email or Paypal your course fee to christine@christinehennebury.com.

Can’t wait until February 29?

The course doesn’t officially start until the 29th but I will start adding interesting things and start coaching people in the Facebook group and via email on February 14th, so if you register before the 29th, you can have access to that early material right away!

*The prompts will not be huge artistic challenges. Some days, you will just be asked to note every time to see a certain colour, other times you might have to doodle or perhaps sing along with a song. There will always be an option to try something more comfortable. I am all about expanding comfort zones – I will never push anyone outside of theirs.