Creative Self-Care

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Creative activities are self-care all on their own but, in this class, we’ll be taking things up a notch.

Everywhere you turn, someone is reminding you to practice self-care.

You know that it is important but, when you get very stressed, it’s hard to remember what things help you to feel calmer and help you to take positive actions. Sometimes, you even end up feeling guilty for not being able to practice self-care.

In ‘Create a Self-Care Guidebook’ we’ll work together to create a guidebook for your personal self-care. I’ll walk you through examples and we’ll talk about ideas and then we’ll dive into creating your own ‘menu’ of self-care – practices and ideas that let you reduce stress and increase your feeling of well-being.

After the session, you’ll take your guidebook home with you so you can refer to it to remind yourself of the things you need on a daily, weekly, or emergency basis.

This course will NOT include any blaming or shaming. There will be no critique of your planned practices, and your needs will be respected and honoured.

The Create a Self-Care Guidebook course will be held on Saturday, February 22 from 10am-12pm and the cost is $25 (which includes supplies.) Location: The Annex (next to Admiralty House Museum in Mount Pearl)

To join this course, please register by filling out this form and then email/Paypal your course fee to