Story A Day May #17 – Answers

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Geri was the only one who was scared but she was determined to stick it out.

The rest of us thought the Ouija board was a lark, no different than making those paper fortune-tellers, or twisting the stem of an apple to find out your true love’s initial.

Missy had brought it to the cabin, figuring that after a few glasses of wine we’d be back to our junior high selves and giggle our way through a few minutes with the board.

Dina is always ready to go along with anyone’s suggestion, as long as it seems like it might be fun.

I’m usually a bit slower to join in but I was so tired after my week that my first glass of wine hit me hard. I was giddy right away and Ouija suddenly seemed like the best thing I could ever do.

We lit candles and pulled up a classical playlist, then in the faux-seriousness of very drunk people, we spoke with great respect for the power of the Ouija. I don’t remember what Missy said exactly but I know it had something to do with a connection to the unknowable and with the mystic powers of the forces we were channeling.

We started with easy questions, things we already knew the answers to. Then we got a bit trickier, I think we were testing each other with questions about girlfriends and about husbands. It was still funny though, three of us were definitely having a great time.

Geri, though, she was shifting in her seat, the candlelight making her look even paler. Her breathing kept speeding up, and I swear I could hear her blinking.

The rest of us ran out of questions, distracted by how oddly she was behaving, and finally she spoke, not to us, but to the board.

“Has someone found him yet?”

The planchette dragged our hands to ‘No.’

She spoke again, “Am I safe, then?”

This time it dragged us to ‘Yes.’

In one fluid motion, Missy stood up and threw the board into the fire.

Dina poured us all another glass of wine.

I opened another bag of chips.

Geri melted back into her chair.

She said nothing else about it, and the rest of us didn’t ask.