Story A Day 7: Puzzle

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Marion laid the last piece of the puzzle into place. The edges of the red carnation didn’t look like the should match with this vase section but once the picture fit together nicely once she stood back to look at it.

She found that happened with a lot of things, really. When you had a lot of pieces, it seemed like they would never go together, but once you started working from a corner, you could start to see the picture.

That was how she figured out about Mike next door. All the different cars coming and going, the soft laughter that drifted from the open window, the fancy jewelry he bought for Leslie. Once she started putting the pieces together, she quickly understood what she saw.

Leslie had only needed a glimpse to put it all together for herself and then she shouted at Mike for hours.

Marion ended up having to close the window so she could concentrate on her puzzle.