Story A Day 25: Named

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(I wrote this yesterday but couldn’t post it.)

He had been watching her every since he had taken the seat across from her. He must have been working up the courage to speak.


“Hey, Joanne! So good to see you! What have you been up to?”


“I’m not Joanne.”


She kept reading, she didn’t want to encourage him.


“Don’t be so foolish, Joanne, I’d know you anywhere.”


She gave him her coldest glare.


“I don’t know you.”


She reached for the cord to get the driver to stop at the next corner.


Joanne got up off her seat, walked down over the steps and onto the sidewalk. She clicked her way along toward her house down the street.


He might have called her by the right name, then and now. but he never did know who she was.