Story a Day 11: Exact

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Some people are just really fussy, you know?


My boss is like that but she calls it being precise.


She is always on my case about one thing or another – an e that is imperfectly formed on a handwritten note, a computer cord folded ‘backward’, the juice returned to the fridge in the ‘wrong’ spot, and let’s not even talk about how she corrects my pronunciation of my own name.


I am imprecise, or even sloppy, apparently.


But I *can* be precise.


For instance, for weeks now, I have been melting the precise amount of laxative into her daily hot chocolate. Enough to make her very uncomfortable, but not quite enough for her to suspect that anything untoward is happening.


Hmm, maybe I am not precise. Perhaps, when it is really important, I am meticulous.