Small Creative Projects

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I am a big fan of short-term challenges, particularly creative ones.

Right now, I’m doing the #MarchOfRobots Challenge and I’m having a grand time with it.

Some of the other participants on Instagram are really taking things up a notch – clearly drawing is their particular practiced skill or perhaps their profession – but I am keeping it simple. Black ink on an index card, drawing the first thing that comes to mind.


Drawing of two robots in an airplane with clouds behind them. Drawn in black ink on a white index card.

These robots are demonstrating ‘flight’

Here are a few of my recent ones.

A drawing in black ink on a white index card. The drawing depicts a robot doing yoga. The robot's mat has nuts and bolts on it and there is a window drawn on the far wall with a cloud and a tree visible.

Eloise is doing some yoga to relax.

A blank ink on white paper drawing of a small robot holding a flag. The robot is standing on a moon and there is a small spacecraft nearby.

Today’s prompt was moon. Shirley the Robot has just landed in her solo space craft.