Thinking Small

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I was discussing resolutions with a group of people on Monday night and it turns out that we all had different metaphors for our process of trying to cram a small amount of as many of our plans for the year into the first day as possible.

I don’t have permission to share their metaphors so I’ll just tell you mine.

I was thinking of New Year’s Day like it was a cookie. According to an old cookbook I have, you are supposed to decorate cookies with a ‘hint’ of what they contain.  So, if your cookie has nuts in it, you should sprinkle some on top. If it is a cherry cookie, the icing should be red…and so on.

So, for my New Year’s Day, I made a list of all the types of things that I wanted my 2018 to contain and I did a little bit of as many of them as possible. It worked out pretty well and my day was quite interesting.

I realized today, though, that I am still kind of in cookie mode. I haven’t fully fleshed-out my plans for the year, especially work-wise, and so I am doing small bits of all kinds of things while and seeing what feels like the best path.

It’s working out pretty well, but I have to be patient with myself in the meantime – I do like to get things hammered down ASAP, usually.

So far, this has been my guiding principle…A notebook page that has a cup of tea drawn on it and text that reads 'draw and write before you do the boring stuff'. The boring stuff will wait. (It usually does). And below the teacup it reads 'tea might be a good place to start.'


I highly recommend this practice, if you have time and patience to let your stuff develop.