New Year, Same Old Me

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I like New Year’s Day.

Not because I buy into that whole ‘New Year, New Me!’ Business but because I like an opportunity to draw a line between what was and what can be.

New Year’s Day is one time you can do that but it’s possible at any time. You can pick any time that suits you, decide that that is when things are going to change, and you can work from there.

White index card on a light wood table, card reads 'You know, technically, every day is the beginning of a whole new year. The changing of the years is kind of arbitrary. If today is not a good day to start fresh, pick a different day. I'll back you up on it.

I shared this advice on FB yesterday. It’s still true. <3

If you need something to be different, figure out how you want to change it, what systems you need to put in place to support it, and then pick ANY OLD TIME and get started.

Sure, sometimes things won’t work out but then you can pick a different time, a different method, and just switch things up.

I believe in you.  ??