A Dare – You ‘should’ try it

Christine   January 3, 2018   Comments Off on A Dare – You ‘should’ try it

What about if, just for a day or two, you dropped the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary?

What would that feel like?A white card with the word should in black text. The word is surrounded by a red circle and bisected by a red line that 'crosses' it out.

I know there are things that you *want* to do and things you feel obligated to do, but when you add in the word should things get tangly…and VERY heavy.

So, what if you were to leave out the word ‘should’ and treat all of those should moments like a choice? Choose the thing that makes the most sense but drop all the heavy baggage that comes with ‘should’. See how it changes your approach.

I know it will be tricky. And it will probably be strange. But it just might be worth it.

Let me know how it goes.