Sunday Creativity Break

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 I know it can be really hard to make time for creativity in your week. You have a long to do list and lots of people expecting a lot of things. Adding a little ‘play’ time seems impossible.

Yet, I think that adding a dash of creative play can make every other part of your life a little easier. Even if it feels like ‘just one more thing’, it’s one more thing that just for YOU and I am willing to bet that you have far too little of that in your life.

So, for the next ten weeks (maybe longer if it stays fun), I’m going to give you a little creative play suggestion every Sunday and you can do whatever you like with it.

Have fun!

Week 1 Fun…

Start by printing one of the sheets from the page below and set your timer for 5 minutes. Make as many of the shapes into drawings as you can before the timer goes off.

Remember that messing up is all part of the fun!