Shenanigans and Plananigans: October 10, 2017

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Here’s my fun for this week:

I’m excited about hosting the Story Circle at the St. John’s Storytelling Festival tonight and I’m looking forward to all the storytelling fun of this week’s festival – especially the workshop with Sheree Fitch on Saturday morning.

I’m polishing my stories for my book of three somewhat disconcerting short stories that will be out on October 28th. I’ll have a title for you in a day or two.

I’m hosting online ‘Office Hours’ for two hours on October 20th. I’ll be setting up the event on FB on Wednesday of this week and I’ll insert the link here when I’m done.

I’ll be posting a Writing Coaching post here on Wednesday, October 11, and a Flash Coaching post on Friday, October 13. And I’ll have a bonus piece of Flash Fiction for Friday the 13th.

If you’ve missed my previous flash fiction, I post a lot of writing related stuff on my writing/storytelling Facebook page – You can see it all here.

If you’d like some regular doses of ‘make things a little better’, please like my coaching Facebook page.

Also, just to remind you, I do all kinds of coaching but lately people have been really getting a lot out of my Flash Coaching sessions.  For more information, or to book a session, please see below:

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Have you got something you are trying to untangle in your brain and you just can’t make it work? An issue that your brain just won’t let you put to rest?

My clients have had great success with gaining peace of mind from my ‘Flash Coaching’ sessions. Based on a combination of ‘flash’ fiction (supershort stories) and free writing, I take the issue you have presented and I do some timed writing exercises to see what connections and new paths I can uncover for you. Between my storytelling brain and my creativity and personal development reading, I come up with all sorts of new ways to look at the issue and help point you in the direction of peace of mind.

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