Upcoming Events

Christine   April 27, 2017   Comments Off on Upcoming Events

May is going to be a fun month!

Here’s what I’ve got coming up during Week 1, I’ll update you weekly!

Shaping Ideas into Stories

Free Workshop Series

(in-person workshops offered by Volunteer Mount Pearl)

Do you feel drawn to write but you aren’t sure how to get started?  Whether your brain is buzzing with ideas or you have a vague sense of  wanting to write but you don’t know what to write about, Shaping Ideas  Into Stories is your next step!

In these free classes, we will explore giving yourself ‘permission’ to choose  topics (fiction or non-fiction) that you enjoy and letting go of all the  ‘shoulds’ of writing that you have heard over the years. You will develop brainstorming and outlining skills and learn all about making an ‘easy’ first draft.

If you want to enjoy the writing process and have the freedom to find  your own writerly voice, grab your pen and sign up at christine@christinehennebury.com.

Next Workshop:

Thursday, May 4  Whose Story Is This?


The Annex (next to Admiralty House Museum in Mount Pearl)

In this workshop, we’ll figure out how to help you OWN the story you are telling. We’ll do some brainstorming, make some internal story connections, and do some outlining. We’ll figure out some story structures that work for you, and learn how to develop your storyline (fiction or non-fiction).


Saturday, May 6 – Free Workshop

The Power of a Good Story: Grant Writing That Grabs Attention

Competition for grant money is stronger than ever, the only way for you to get your money is to make your readers feel your passion for your cause.

Your budget statement may impress them, but it’s your story that will make them care.

In this workshop, Volunteer Mount Pearl Coordinator, Debie O’Reilly and writer/storyteller Christine Hennebury will help you find the heart of your organization’s story and show you how to effectively share that heart in grant applications so you can resonate with decision makers.

Learn how to identify key elements of your group’s mission, how to connect that to the funders’ goals, and how to help them understand why supporting you will meet their mandate.

Join us for this three hour workshop and come away with a solid plan for how to approach your next grant application.


To register, please email: dorielly@mountpearl.ca