Daring Monday!

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I just decided that I am going to start something new!

Every Monday, I am going to DARE you to do something good for yourself. i

Our first dare?

I dare you to make a list of three things you do well.

You can post them here in the comments***, if you like, or you can keep your list close to your heart.

And don’t even start with that ‘Oh, I don’t know. I don’t really do *anything* well.’

I’m NOT having it.

We all do certain things well and somewhere in our hearts we know exactly what those things are.

It doesn’t matter if the only skills you can think of right now are applying lipstick and faking a smile when your coworker calls out to you.

Everything counts, so let’s get listing!


PS – My list is in the comments!

***Turns out that there is a glitch in my process – I didn’t know that my new template means you have to REGISTER to comment. That’s WAY too much work. Sorry about that! ¬†While I figure out how to change that, why not list your fantastic skills here?