Words. I like ‘em.

ChristineHI confess: I love words.

I love to write them, I love to read them, and I love to put them to work to say exactly what my clients and readers need them to.

I write non-fiction for businesses/ non-profits, and for my Encouragement, Self-Kindness, and Re-story-fying coaching page.  My fiction writing ensures that the stories in my head have somewhere to go. And I do performance-based word work, like storytelling, monologues, and workshops, so we can share words aloud.


Finally, I do storytelling, monologues, workshops, classes, and readings (more words!) and you can get more details about that here.


And I love to capture your imagination with fiction, too. I enjoy writing short stories, novels and plays that entertain, and sometimes make you think. More information about my fiction is here.


I love to communicate ideas, to share information and to find the right way to do that as clearly as possible, with accessible language and well-crafted sentences.  You can find some examples of my non-fiction writing here.